[Gospel + Lyrics] In The Universe | Abiola

[Gospel + Lyrics] In The Universe | Abiola

Abiola  a multi talented singer and entrepreneur drop this awesome worship with his GLC worldwide a worship peice that torches soul and give hope to the hopeless...its a declaration of how God has been so good....


Verse 1..How can I denied how wonderful you are.. 
You've turn my life around and gave me a new song ooooo 
You are great baba eee you are great there's nobody like you lord...
You are great you great

In the universe lord you never change 
Lord in the universe lord you never failed lord. 
From ages to ages to remain the same lord you are good God your mercy reigns lord.

Your mercy reign your mercy reign/2ce
Alagbada INA your mercy reign....... 
You reign forever more

Verse 2: 
Heaven and earth adore him angels bow before you,
You'r great, You are great alagbada INA you are great lord....

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