Music: Bob Psalm - OVER

Music: Bob Psalm - OVER

OVER- Bob Psalm

Min. Bob Psalm is an inspirational song writer and a gospel singer who is devoted to propagating the gospel through songs. His latest single "OVER!" reflexes the outcome of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. " Isaiah 43:18 and 19 portrays and Crystallizes the song. No more pain, no more no sorrow,no more affliction. We are who we are because he (Jesus) is who he is

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Solo: I am because you are
You are the living God
No one can take your place
You have done what no man could do 2times.
Now when i look to the cross
All is see is love.
Your precious blood was shed
To set me free
I look to myself all is see is grace
I'm now the head no more the tail

Chorus: Jesus your grace has lifted me
Am no more bound
Am no more in shame, my past is over. 2times

V2. You are the God that opens every door
By your stripes,we are healed from
All diseases
You never fail, you never lie
Unchangeable changer
That's the God you are
If this is how you love me
I like the way( you love)4times
(back to chorus)

Bridge: Over, over, over, my past is over!

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