[Gospel Music] THANK YOU - Amin Ola

[Gospel Music] THANK YOU - Amin Ola

Thank You song  by Amin Ola was inspired by one leeper out of ten that came to Jesus for an appropriate gratitude which gave him access to his wholeness in Christ that simply means.. Repentance.
And also for mountains and the valley moment of my life that would have rather have taken my life... Thank you song is my heart pouring out a letter from me to God.. Come to think of it..

God doesn't need our money, to acquire wealth when it comes to worship, because there's nothing we have that  hasn't been given by God  himself.

He owns it all, so there's nothing to give him than to say thank you Lord because he's all sufficient.
His topmost expectations is to really seek him with all our hearts ..mark 12:30-31..
Those that are grateful will have an opportunity to be grateful the more.

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