Album: Lovepraise -Exceeding Love – EP

Album: Lovepraise -Exceeding Love

Welcome to the world  of  LOVEPRAISE- where love, passion, inspiration, Creativity , determination and charisma  abound exceedingly. Like the title of her debut album spells out,  sister LOVEPRAISE, uses her gift and life to be a testimony of God’s Exceeding Love.  “I want God to use me through my music as a point of contact to shower His Love and Blessings to His people all across the world.”

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Born in Kumba, Cameroon as  Loveline Njoku, LOVEPRAISE developed early interest in Cameroon music from artists like Longue-Longue from the message of his song “Ayo Africa” . She also loved the wisdom of Lapiro’s musical style and power of his message. While still in Cameroon she came across the works of some powerful Gospel Nigerian musicians like Chinyere Udoma with her famous song “Agu N’chemba” as well as Prince Gozie Okeke’s “A Cry For Mercy”. Also she very much appreciated the works of Princess Njideka Okeke. Princess Njideka’s  “Akanchawa” songs, stood out to be very impactful  ministerial worship songs for LOVEPRAISE right up to when she moved from Cameroon to Nigeria .
LOVEPRAISE completed her University education at the University of Buea, Cameroon with a BA Hons in Political Science and History. After completing her French language studies, she moved to Nigeria to secure employment.
Upon moving back to Nigeria, LOVEPRAISE completed her youth service in Owerri and moved on with her family to secure herself employment as a school teacher in a private school in Lagos.  
As a teacher, LOVEPRAISE was always called to lead devotions for the students and teachers. The students and teachers fell in love with her praise and worship style during devotions. They so much loved her singing style that most of her colleagues urged her to get into the studio and release a record. So LOVEPRAISE was called in one day into the studio by a brother to back up and feature in his songs. She did and the producers and her friends encouraged her to come up with a record of her own. They saw a better lead singer in her than a back up artist. Sister LOVEPRAISE yielded to their advice and with much guidance from God and helpers like Nji Jude Che and under the umbrella of her newly signed in Record label [AWOHASONG INFUSION RECORDS],  sister Loveline Njoku aka sister LOVEPRAISE is glad to launch with us her debut album of five lovely gospel songs . With much gratitude and heart overflowing  with love, sister Lovepraise presents to you, “EXCEEDING LOVE”.
NB; EXCEEDING LOVE,  released June 30th 2019 with the participation of a lot of guest artists (dancers, comedians and a cream of Nigeria’s gospel artists.) Come enjoy the launch of the following EXCEEDING LOVE tracks 1. Only You 2.Everything to me 3.Imela 4.Onye Eze 5. Exceeding Love. 

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