[Music] David Omodunmiju - There is None Like You

[Music] David Omodunmiju - There is None Like You

So I have decided to share this gift with you all.. Its an out pouring of my awe and the warmth of my worship to the Sovereign King Jesus, whose love continues to overpower and overwhelm me on a daily. 
I was in a certain place in my life this season, where the waves became boisterous, such that I broke my gaze with Jesus at some point, and my streams was almost poisoned with offence and bitterness (but for the Love and Blood of the lamb that spoke better things for me) because I was frustrated with the instability and inconsistency of red-blooded mortal men, even though my reason is not an excuse for God (Moses knows better), yet Jesus knows my frame, and His love reached out to me, that sweet still small voice called my name and saved me from the bitterness gaining root in my Soul.
THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU my loving King, your presence my Heaven. 
Thank you for pouring out your Spirit upon me, as turned my face again to you, the radiance of your face is enlightening me. 
My practical experience of Psalms 30. (The Message Version)

THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU (my Unscripted Worship Moment cover version), produced by one of God's blessings on my journey Segigo of Mustard Breed Studio. 

It will help you align with,  give language to your worship of, and keep your gaze on The Lord Jesus. 
For there's no other Name nor any other provision for our salvation. Jesus is my eternal song.

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