[Video] It's All Belongs To You - Prospa Ochimana

[Video] It's All Belongs To You - Prospa Ochimana

If God Should Declare His Asset....Nothing In The Universe Will Be Left Out. You Have to listen and Share this affirmative Sound..."It all Belongs to You". Who rules Your World? Loud this Sound People!!!!

Its a song of Devotion,(Re)Dedication,Submission and Surrender. Its a New Sound entirely, different from the norm its carries an unusual presence, It reminds us that We are nothing without Jesus.

We truly belong to God ,whatever we are , whatever We’ll ever be ‘it all belong to Him(God)' Isaiah 43:21a.
He’s the owner and maker of all things. It all Belongs to You,JESUS.

Credit: Prospa Ochimana


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