[Event] iRADIATE: Acoustic Night - by Adegail and friends | 30th Nov , 2019

Adegail and friends presents their second event of 2019 - iRADIATE: Acoustic Night. This follows the huge success of the debut worship night 'iRadiate' in June 2019.
iRADIATE originates from Matthew 5:16, where we are called to shine our lights aka radiate! But the reality is that many of us are still burying our talents and living in fear. We are called to share the gospel and make disciples amongst the nation. We are called to shine our lights and not bury our talents but to multiply them. We want to be called good and faithful servant when Christ returns but is your oil ready and filled in wait for the bridegroom?
The ‘Ade’ in Adegail is a Yoruba, Nigerian word that means ‘crown’ or ‘royalty’, and is in-line with 1 Peter 2:9 which calls us a ‘chosen generation...a royal priesthood‘ within the kingdom of God.
Please see our flyer below for more details on the event:
Read more about the event at our Eventbrite page:

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