[Music] Am A Success By Idiomorfos

Christian Author & C.E.O of Henotace.org " David Oshin" & Sensational Music Maestro " Joy Nwakpa" Teams up under the name "Idiomorfos" which means peculiar in Greek for the release of their debut single "Am A Success". The song was produced by kingondamix.
David Oshin speaks about the song

"This  song is an affirmation of who you are in Christ inspite of all the challenges we face on a daily basis that tends to shift our focus, and makes us want to give up, we can always be assured from the word of God that we are victors, champions, we are a bundle of success. It doesn't matter what you go through, it doesn't change the fact. That consciousness will always make you overcome, any day, anytime".

Verse 1
This world is full of challenges, This world is full of difficulties, so many times tempted to give up, so many times tempted to quit, but I look into the word of God, I hear the voice of Godsaying Don't give up.
Am a Success, am a Victor, am a champion, am a king.
Verse 2:
I look into situations of the world, is more like there is no more hope, confusion and distress everywhere, I am almost losing my identity but as I turned into the word of  God, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt.
Bridge :
No, No , No,  I won't give up

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