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This short piece keeps Your mind fixed on God. Knowing Our position In Christ Jesus that no matter what Happens, as long as We put Our trust in Jesus, We are not moved.

So We Lift Our voice in Worshiping Him As Our Sure Foundation, declaring Jesus As The Rock Of Our Lives.. (1 Corinthian 3:11)
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Lyrics" MY ROCK " BY Faith-FEJIRO

I've never seen the righteous forsaken
Nor his seed beg for bread
I Am The Righteousness in Jesus
And nothing can take my place in him

You are the rock of my life
You are the rock I stand upon
Jesus the rock the rock the rock. 

So I'm not moved By what I see(Jesus is My Rock)
I'm not moved by what I feel
(I'm standing on the rock)
I'm not moved by what I hear
(Jesus Is My Rock)
I'm only moved by the word of God (I'm standing on the rock)

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