[Music] You Are God - Ezekiel Obi

[Music] You Are God - Ezekiel Obi

God created us to be partakers and participators in the divine nature. We became the greatest mystery of it all, because our divine nature causes us to act like him. (God)

“You Are God” by Ezekiel Obi, expresses God nature in the lives of men. God is working out things you haven’t even prayed for yet. He’s the God who works ahead of time. (Eph4 : 24 )
As we lift up our voices to proclaim and establish the truth here on earth let the spirit of the living God have his way over the earth.

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You Are God by Ezekiel Obi – LYRICS

You are great in your ways
All creations bow before you God
Our God is a great God
Your word is living inside of me
And it’s working out Miracles
Our God is a great God.

You are God on the inside Working on the outside God, Our God is a great God. (3×)
Have your way…have your way… have your way oh Lord have your way.2×
Spirit of the living God have your way (2×)

Help me sing…
All: spirit of the living God have your way.
(Let your will be done in Africa) (Nigeria) (Asia)
The spirit of the lord is upon the waters. (Hallelujah)
You have your way Over (America) (Asia)
All Over the world have your way.
Thy will be done on earth.

where the spirit of the lord is there’s no cancer, there’s no disease, there’s no turmoil, there’s no sickness, there’s no barrenness.
To such I speak to your life that which has been stagnant, which has been in jeopardy
I speak peace to you,
I speak peace to the world. I speak peace to Africa.

Artiste Bio;
Ezekiel Tochi Obi (born January 25,1991) is a Nigeria Gospel singer, music director and a song writer. Who hails from Imo state. He started practicing music at age 13 in port Harcourt Rivers state. Later he joined a band know as the GOSPEL SOUND as a keyboardist in the likes of H2H in port Harcourt Rivers state. He has diploma in mass communication with the hopes of taking more courses in the near future.

Ezekiel has been into music professionally over a year(2018) but he has been into music world since as a teenager. He has been to serveral GOSPEL talents hunt from which he discover his talent in music and start directing choirs and singing in concert.

He is a spiritual praise and worship leader. his vocal and choice of song writing has brought many to Christ. However, his love for music gave him a name Ezzilove.

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