Jonah Sorrentino Announces Last Project as KJ-52

In a recent note to fans, rapper/author KJ-52 announced that he is currently working on his last project under the KJ-52 name.

Jonah Sorrentino, better known as KJ-52, began his letter with thanks and gratitude to fans for their support over the last 20 years.

“I feel like this time of my life is my Victory Lap, I have crossed the finish line on many goals and aspirations that I’ve had as far as music and my ministry goes and now I’m in an incredible phase of my life. The Victory Lap is what a runner does as he celebrates for one more go around… he reminisces on all the things that got him there and enjoys that moment. He’s exhausted, he’s excited, he’s relieved and he’s thankful. That’s where I’m @ right now… my victory lap. I’ve started working on my last kj52 album/book under this title, its a collection of stories as I look back on my life and career coupled with an album of songs inspired by those chapters (literally) of my life,” KJ wrote.

While the KJ-52 chapter may be coming to an end, Jonah wants fans to know that he isn’t quitting music. He has since posted two updates on social media (read them here and here) addressing why this is his last KJ-52 album and book, explaining in part, “The sad reality is the longer you’re around the less people demand you.. longevity is a gift & a curse. CHH doesn’t honor its pioneers from a touring perspective .. there’s no legacy touring acts in the genre sad to say.”

“I’ve never asked this before but if my life, music, career, friendship or words have touched your life could you please repay that by supporting my final kj52 album/book? Any help right now would be massive..I have 30 days to complete this crowd fund and every bit helps,” KJ concluded.
You can help fund KJ’s final album and book, Victory Lap, at

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