Christians Must Be Bold in the Holy Spirit amid ‘Moral and Spiritual Free Fall’ – Anne Graham Lotz

Daughter of the late extraordinary Billy Graham, Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz talked at the End Celebration Supper at NRB’s 2020 Christian Media Show, Feb. 28, sharing a message on the should be strong in the Essence of God in the midst of society’s current “good and otherworldly free fall.”

As per The Christian Post, in her message, Lotz featured seven parts of the Essence of God found in John 16:5-15.

1. The Personhood of the Essence of God

Lotz brought up that the Essence of God isn’t an “it”, yet increasingly like an “undetectable individual.” She stated, “The Essence of God isn’t an ‘it’. He’s not a bird. He’s not a fire of fire. He’s not an overjoyed encounter. The Essence of God is a perfect, undetectable individual. He has a psyche to think. He has a will to act. He has feelings to feel.”

As per Book of scriptures Study Apparatuses, in the 10 previously mentioned stanzas alone, the Essence of God is alluded to as a “He” multiple times.

2. The inhabiting of the Essence of God in adherents

In accepting Christ as Guardian angel and Master, Lotz says, “He comes into us in the individual of the Essence of God.” She proceeded, “He will never leave us, and He will never neglect us. It’s a changeless relationship. Commendation God.”

3. The intensity of the Essence of God

Lotz then anxieties that “in our politically right culture”, there is a need of the Essence of God’s “fortitude, intensity, and solidarity to remain against that tide and hold the line for the Gospel and the Expression of God.”

4. The statutes of the Essence of God

Here Lotz empowers the significance of continually being in God’s Promise as the Essence of God

“works through the Word that He has inhaled Himself.”

In addition, one must acknowledge God’s Statement that “each word is from the Ruler, and you tune in for Him to murmur to you through the pages.” In a similar entry she talks on, the Essence of God is alluded to as “the soul of truth” (John 16:13)

5. The immaculateness of the Essence of God

As the Essence of God stays in devotees, Lotz depicts how He prompts heavenliness simply like Christ.

“In Jesus, there’s no unpleasantness. There’s no cruelty. There’s no narrow-mindedness. There’s no unforgiveness. There’s no pridefulness. There’s no harshness. There’s no corruption by any stretch of the imagination,” Lotz states.

“Also, when the Essence of God comes into you and me, He starts to make us heavenly as He is blessed,” she included.

6. The petitions of the Essence of God

As found in Romans 8:26, “The Essence of God takes my cries before the Dad. He puts words to them, dresses them up, and transforms them into petitions,” Lotz said. Besides, the Essence of God can take a Christians considerations, emotions, and harms, “and make an interpretation of it into a supplication before the Dad.”

7. The need of the Essence of God

Lotz’s last point tends to the Essence of God’s need of the Word so “that we may know the Living Word. His need is Jesus, and He needs us to know Jesus, to adore Jesus, to obey Jesus, to serve Jesus, to bring Him brilliance.”

As Christian Features recently revealed, Lotz has shared how the Essence of God console her while she finished treatment for bosom malignant growth last October. She talks on this involvement with her most recent book, Jesus in Me: Encountering the Essence of God as a Consistent Buddy.

Photograph obligingness: Heavenly attendant Services/Wikimedia Lodge, edited and resized.

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