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Having the mandate to reach out  passionately with the message of hope, Bukola Owolabi is here again with another soul-touching song.

"Let it Flow" is a deep heart cry to God which was birthed out of a desperate hunger for Him. If you desire more of God, then this song is for you.

Lyrics: LET IT FLOW By Bukola Owolabi 

Lord I'm not satisfied with the ankle-level water
Even when it bubbles up right up to my knees
I'm not okay with the waist-level water
Let it be a river that I will dwell in

So, let it flow
Let it flow from me to the world
That my life will be a Testament of Grace
That my life will be a channel of your love
That world will hear of Jesus through me

I wanna be in that place
Of intimacy and depth in You God
I  wanna be in that place
Where all that matters is You God (3x)

Dimensions of Grace
Expressions of Glory
The flow of grace
Manifestations of Glory


1. Cynthia
2. Grace
3. Vclef

Producer: Lord Louis @ Louis Production  Kaduna +234 806 076 7674*

Photography by @jabbowakimagery
Cover Design by @jabbowak designs
0808 044 4400

Contact with :
Facebook: Debby Bukky Owolabi 
Twitter: @DebbyBukolaOwo1
Instagram: @Debbybukkyowolabi

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