Jo Deep Returns with New Single “Hold Me” (Won’t Fail) | @iamjodeep

Jo Deep returns with new single “Hold Me” (Won’t Fail) after the successful release of his debut album, “We Are Deep”.

This season has hit many folks hard, like an unexpected punch to the jaw which has resulted in great fear concerning the success of the works in most person’s hands or even the rush of questions that now threatens most person’s walk with the Lord.

“I know what that feels like and i decided to birth a song that i believe would plant God’s children back into His palms as He sings over them till all storm is calm. May these words and tunes do your heart some good”. – Jo Deep

Jo Deep is the artistic stage name for Jonathan ‘Deep’ Ojapa. A regular guy devoted to using every form of art he lays his hands on as a channel for sharing the truths he has learnt. He is a Teaching Pastor at The Lifeway Chapel [V.E.C.C], Lagos, Nigeria.

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