Music: Franca Ameh - Bu Eze

Gospel Music Minister, Franca Ameh debut with a spirit filled single titled; "Bu Eze" a very timely song and she narrates the mystery behind this master piece...

I had been “that choir girl” right up until my Youth Service year but after my Service year, I took a break from singing. I joined another church department and pursued other kingdom advancement projects.

However, I never stopped receiving or seeing lines of songs written on the wall. Sometimes I would wake up singing aloud from my sleep. Often, my husband would write down or encourage me to immediately write the received song. But afterward, I would not be able to lay hold of any of the songs. They were lost in the sands of time. Then, on the 3rd January 2020, one fateful morning, a song came again. In a dream, I heard a choir singing in a hall, in a native language, "Eze, Bu Eze…" with a characteristic melodic tune. I didn’t even know the meaning of the song until I approached my neighbour who then explained the meaning--and it happened to be the Igbo language! This time, I told myself that this song will not go under the carpet.

My studio experience was interesting because the formalities and protocols were different from stage singing. Kudos to all artists who have succeeded on this path. At some point the producer had to follow me up because I felt like running away! However, I persisted and the result is “Bu Eze” . Remain blessed!!!

Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.



Thank you Jesus
Mighty god
We give you praise,
We give you praise

Verse 1
Okorobia di mma
(valiant good man)

Odi mma na eme mma
(good one that does good)

Chim oma chinwendu
(my good god, god that owns life)

Agaba idu oche o
(lion of the tribe of judah)

(the burning fire)

Ikuku ama n'onya
(wind that cannot be trapped)

Onye na eme mma
(one that does good)

Onye na agworia
(one that heals)

Jesus you are Lord
Bu eze bu eze?
Jesus you are Lord
Bu eze bu eze

Eze bu eze bu eze
Eze bu eze bu eze
Jesus you are Lord
Bu eze bu eze
Jesus you are Lord
Bu eze bu eze (2x)

Verse 2.
Great and mighty God
El gibor of judah
You set the sun,
You set the moon
You created it all
You rule the day,
You rule the night
You're the ever living God
Jesus you are Lord
Bu eze bu eze
Jesus you are Lord
Bu eze bu eze

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