Donnie McClurkin Airs His Thoughts On President Donald Trump’s Intentions to Re-Open Worship Centers ||

U.S president, Donald Trump’s outright intention to reopen worship centers attracted a lot of comments and reactions including American gospel minister’s, Donald Andrew McClurkin better known as Donnie McClurkin.

The American singer who is also a pastor shares his thoughts via his Instagram and Facebook live in a 45 minutes video.

The singer who out-rightly states he is speaking as a pastor and not just a gospel minister highlighted that the world is in ‘a rush to go back to normalcy but we are not out of the woods yet’. He said that ‘there’s no way to do social distancing in a church on a pew because the church is a place that is so compact’.

He said that people are eager to get back to the sanctuary and jeopardize their safety because they didn’t use wisdom.

The pastor of 19 years stated that not until the numbers start to decrease, worship will continue on ‘the screens’. In his words: ‘I cannot make the people God has called me to serve,care for,teach,groom and inspire,lightly. We will not gather until we can do so safely’. He clearly states that the stay at home order is not a matter of fear but strict adherence to biblical principles as he drew reference to the story of the 10 plagues in the book of Exodus stating that the stay at home order is a show of God’s protection for his people.

The pastor mentioned that the president’s intention to reopen churches is a ‘political ploy to gain Favour from the faith based community. It’s dangerous, reckless and irresponsible.’

At the end of the video, he re-iterates that the ‘church never shut down to have to reopen. The church is the living organism and not the organization. You are not a true worshipper by where you worship but by worshiping in spirit and truth.’ He addresses pastors by encouraging them to not be intimidated by people with negative thoughts.

Donnie pastors ‘Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport,New York, is a three time Grammy Award recipient,sold 10 million albums worldwide and was dubbed ‘Reigning King of Urban gospel by ‘Variety’.

What are your thoughts on Donnie McCklurkin’s opinion?

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