Gospel Music || Judah Precious: Worship by Myself

The song is a soul lifter, says Judah Precious.  it’s a message from the Lord to the church.

Worship By Myself reminds you of the great things and wonderful gift of salvation that you have received from God and this song awakens your spirit to a feeling of gratitude. It intends to bring the listener into a realm of gratitude while it awakes the intense feel of sincere worship.

Judah Precious is a seasoned worshipper, who had served in his local assembly as a choir director and worship leader for a decade more. His experiences with The Lord are all poured out in his melodies and his vocal prowess to endears listeners to him. He has written and released lots of songs that have encouraged the body of Christ. All of his songs will serve your playlist. An evangelistic style is embedded in his music and this encourages the growth of faith as you listen to his sounds. He calls his songs “Judahsongs.”  It’s more than just songs, it’s love.

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Instagram: @Judahsongs
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Facebook: @Judah Precious

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