Tye Tribbett Reveals Shocking Truth About The Music Industry, says He Turned Down “Demonic” Offer (Watch Video) ||

American gospel singer, Tyrone ‘Tye’ Tribbett who is popular for his hit songs: ‘You are everything’ and ‘I love you forever’ has been off the music scene for a while and he’s telling us why.

In a video released on the 21st of April, 2020, Tye reveals his personal struggle in the industry as well as the factors that determine thriving in the industry. The singer who describes himself as one whom ‘has been able to excel without compromise’ reveals his ‘music isn’t selling’ and has been pressured lately by business partners to adjust his personality,song and style of music as well as an offer which he labels ‘demonic’.

Speaking on the offer, Tye in his words said : ‘if my music isn’t good enough to be placed certain places,Hallelujah. I do it to the glory of God.’ In the video, Tye clearly vents his frustration but still, affirms his unwavering faith in God and firm resolution to firmly resist the temptation to turn away from his true nature. In his words: ‘it’s a crazy dance to hold on to your integrity, conviction.

To not be of this world depends on your ambition and desire and I don’t desire it that bad. It’s not about making money to me. God’s praise will continually be in my mouth. It doesn’t mean He’s not with me if I don’t reflect on the charts, the charts don’t reflect God’s goodness, fame doesn’t reflect God’s goodness and mercy’. He also reveals the music industry isn’t ‘godly and wasn’t established by God’.

After minutes of venting his frustration, Tye apologizes by promising good music that is ‘inspiring and uplifting to bring a little joy in your homes, bring a little dance’. Recall that his album’ greater than’ released on the 6th of August, 2013, earned him two Grammy awards. In April, the singer sent a message to the people with a song ‘We Gon Be Alright’ assuring them of God’s protection in a time such as this.

At the end of the video, Tye encourages everyone to stay safe and prays for the safety of everyone.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Tye in this turbulent time.

Watch full video below;

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