Artist Spotlight: Psalmist Shola Victor-Sajowa

Psalmist Shola Victor-Sajowa

From the cute little 3 year old girl, who would stand on the dance floor, with her eyes closed , wiggling her little waist (as her mum remembers) - making people smile to the worship leader , singer song writer who has led many over the years into the presence of her ‘story changer’ as she loves to call HIM.

Psalmist Shola is a seasoned worship leader, a weight loss and fitness coach , an entrepreneur , actress, event speaker recording artist a multi award winner whose long list of awards includes the AGMA ADMA, Beffta , Praisetek , Woman Of Worship , Kingdom Radio merit awards to mention a few.

Shola has since been invited to hold workshops and seminars to train worship leaders, choir members etc in the specifics of praise and worship and has written a manual.titled The Art of true worship. to that effect.

Her unique ministry has taken her to minister on various platforms in and around the UK and internationally .

Psalmist Shola and her husband Minister Victor Sajowa regular host a conference known as the Art of true worship...a conference geared to motivate , encourage and teach worship leaders,worship teams, choirs and everyone etc.

Shola is married to Minister Victor-Sajowa and they have three delightful children. She is a Pastor’s wife and she ministers alongside her husband at a chapel of KICC based in Tooting, she is passionate about seeing lives changed, touched and freed to enter their destinies..

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