Artist Spotlight: Chismile

Artist Spotlight: Chismile

Nweke Chi Smile known as Chismile, an anointed PortHarcourt based worship leader, song-writer, A recording and performing artist. She was conceived on the fourteenth day of June 199- - as the last kid in the group of 5 she developed to see this astounding blessing in her.

This minister has been a gift to such a significant number of life yet as yet checking.

Her soul filled melodies like Miracle working God, Unbroken Word, My source And Ogoziwom are as yet favoring spirits today

Artist Spotlight: Chismile

Exceptional much gratitude goes to her mum Mrs Nweke Helen Nwachukwu who guaranteed she was all around supported and coached by incredible people, she began music as a youngster in ensemble.

Her first album titled  (JUSTIFIED) was discharged 23rd November 2019.

Facebook: Chismile
Instagram:. iamchismile
Twitter: iamchismile
Youtube Channel: Chismile

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