Album: Lavish Live – Tribe Music

Album: Lavish Live – Tribe Music

Tribe Music, a Contemporary Worship music group and the music expression of The Tribe Lagos, Nigeria releases ‘Lavish Live‘, a live-recorded follow up project of their last album – LAVISH.

Lavish Live features 6 songs off of the group’s initial 14 track studio album. While these new recordings produced by Nomnso Diali, Music Director and Producer at Tribe Music are a breath of fresh air to the pre-existing song versions, the message of the project remains the same – the relentless love of God.

Speaking on the Live project, Executive Producer, Ferdy Adimefe says “All of humanity has a deep need for love. Ever wondered why this theme runs through countless movies, songs & literature? There is a gaping void in everyone that only God’s love can fill. Thankfully, this love is ready and available for all – It does not care who you are, what you have done, where you have been, how undeserving you may be, it chases after you, runs you over and envelops you. This is what this Project is about. “See what great love the Father has LAVISHED on us to call us his Children – 1 John 3:1” This good news comforts and gladdens our hearts and we hope it sends comfort to this deprived world.”

Lavish Live was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria and features fresh and returning talents from previous releases.


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