Music: Adolf Irowa - Anomnaka

Music: Adolf Irowa - Anomnaka

Adolf Irowa also called Dgifted as a stage name is a A Gospel Artist, writter, A motivational Speaker and so many other things, this is the bedrock he is been called Dgifted; but most of all, He is a lover of God.

In This Dramatic Era of unpredictable happenings where richies, fame, education, knowledge and connections has failed. Greater Glory it is for those who put their trust in God and place their entire affairs in God's hands.This is where the Song ANOMNAKA was birthed from...  Dimensions untempered. 


Anomnaka oyennemema e..
Jehovah jireh
Anomnaka oyennemema e.. ..... 2x

What a joy that fills my heart
When I know you hold me strong
You never let me fall
Jehovah Jireh Agunechemba
The eyes that sees beyond man could see
The ears that hears beyond man could hear
Oh... Padededadada...
The only true God
Am happy am in your hands
 am happy I am in your hands
I am in your hands
You never fail me yeaahh...  Anomnaka mo....


Verse 2

I sleep by his words oh 2x
I rise by his words oh 2x
He calls me his own and fill me with his love and
I can testify oh
I can testify oh
Am so glad that you love me
Fill me with your love
And I can testify you are the living God oh..
My heart is overwhelmed
When I think of all you've done
Jesus nmo....
Daddy nmo....
Sunshine in my darkness
Whom you're to me
Jesus nmo..  Anomnaka nemema nemema.. Ooo..  Inazekperechukhwu... Oo....  Badhedhedhadhadha...
Am so glad you reign in me
Forever you are God....  Anomnaka mo....

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