Music: Chinyere Euphemia – CHIMUO (My God)

Music: Chinyere Euphemia – CHIMUO (My God)

Anointed Gospel music minister, worshipper, and a songwriter Chinyere Euphemia drop her latest single titled “CHIMUO” (My God). CHIMUO is a sound that echoes from eternity. It is a spirit filled song.

It is a sound that makes you pray to the Father.

Mmuo ka mmuo ( spirit that is greater than spirit)
Ike ka ike (power passes power) odogwu kariri odogwu ( mightier than mightiest)
Eze na afu na ife na afu na nzuzo
(The king that sees in physical and spiritual
Onye na Ekpe ikpe ziri ezi ( Righteous Judge)
Omakam si bia uwa

( He knows my existence)
Oloru ihe loru ihe ruolu enyi wia bia rou ihe biaru iruomu(
He swallow something greater than elephant and also swallow something that came to swallow me) onye kwuru ukwo mji na elu obe,
Esi mu naba na ikpe amaghi gi mu eee
(He paid my depth and set me free)

JESUS oooo the name above other names you are more than all situations2×
Come and prove to the world you are God in my life
Come and prove to the world you exist in my life
Come and show ur self to the world that you never fail
Come and make a name for yourself ooo
Chioma mu eee

Come and stop eee
The mockery of wicked ones in my life
Do not allow them to ask me again where is my God
You promised me that affliction will never rise the second time
The situation, condition, predicament of life can never change ur name
You did it before come and do it again
Idighi agbawe

You are the same God yesterday
Today and forever
You are bigger than what people say
You are mightier than all mountains
You greater than the greatest
You are higher than the highest
Chi oma eee ekwena ihere me mu ooo(my Good God do not allow me to be put to shame)

Chineke mu ooo
Ekwena ka uwa juo mu si ole ibe Chimu noo (my God do not allow them to ask me where is my God)onye na abia ozo leenu mu ooo
Lee mu Anya ebere (He that is coming back again, have mercy on me)
Ebube muo ooo 4×

Your name is great
Your name is power
Your name is life
Your name saves
Your name is deliverance
Your name is miracle signs and wonders

Your name is restoral
JESUS oo l can not do without you
Come and make a name for yourself that the world will know that am serving a living God
Ehhh see
Turo mi e CHIMUO 5×
ebube muo oooo
ebube muo ooo
Till end

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