Christian Rocker Zahna's Van Robbed

Christian Rocker Zahna's Van Robbed


Zahna's tour van was recently robbed at her and her husband's (Patrick Madsen) apartment. Not only is this terrible on its own, but comes at a financially difficult time and forces them to move out of the apartment. Zahna has started a sale using a coupon code for 20% off Zahna merch in hopes of helping cover the costs of moving. The link to her store is here and the coupon code if you'd like to help is below!

Here's what she shares: "Sorry I've been quiet this week guys. I've had a lot of personal stuff going on. My tour van was illegally gutted for parts at our apartment complex so now @thepatrickmadsen and I had to get out of our lease and move. So, I'm having a merch sale if y'all wanna help cover some moving costs! 20% off with coupon code VANTHEFTSUCKS" 

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