The Treasure Within [Gifted] Dr. Cindy Trimm


If you seek to gain a fuller understanding of your areas of giftedness—or to connect the dots between your untapped potential and legacy-defining impact—this series is for you!

There is a rich treasure God has hidden in you for this particular time. I want to help you understand how to steward that treasure to God’s greatest glory and to your greatest benefit. This is a season when God will give you an extra dose of confidence as He reveals the special gift you carry for wherever He has placed you. You are called for a divine purpose. You are a contributor to the unfolding of God's plan for humanity and making this world a better place. Yet it’s not only about you being a part of history but using your gifts to make history—and it’s not just about history-making; it is His story in the making!

Let’s discover His story for you…

Grab your Discussion Guide below, and join me for a powerful time of teaching!

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