Best of Nse-Obong Blessing Undie [Album]

Best of Nse-Obong Blessing Undie [Album]

Nse-Obong Blessing Undie is a Christian author and a musician. She writes and sings from her home in Abuja, Nigeria. More so, her love for writing started way back in the university as a medical student. 

Beside writing, Nse-Obong has the gift of singing which helps her to convert every piece of writing around her to music. In addition, Nse-Obong Blessing Undie sings as one of the lead vocalists in her local church where she has composed several songs for the choir overtime.

Furthermore, her books and music are all bathed by the Spirit of God and are life transforming materials to as many that come across them. Also, there are a lot of testimonies flooding in each day from her followers.

Mostly importantly, the minister is out with her album titled Best of Nse-Obong Blessing Undie. Her songs have been a great blessing to everyone who has listened to them before. Check out the links below to get her songs and books and be motivated for greatness. Click here or Albim

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