Music: Reasons by Hulvey (feat. Lecrae & Svrcina)

Music: Reasons by Hulvey (feat. Lecrae & Svrcina)

"Reasons" features his mentor and labelmate Grammy Award-winning rapper Lecrae and pop sensation SVRCINA.

The song communicates the authentic fears the Brunswick native felt about losing his grandfather, life after death and thoughts of eternity. The chorus, performed by SVRCINA, reminds listeners there are many reasons for people to keep on moving forward and to not give up. Lecrae jumps in on a verse communicating about the trials life throws at us from death, loss and trauma but we can find hope in Christ to push through.

Hulvey says he wrote "Reasons" to "remind people that even though we have lost so many things: friends, families, jobs, homes, even our minds, peace and hope is still here. God is still completely and willing to wrap you up anytime. He has paved a way for us to be free."


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