The End of An Era - Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts


It takes time for an era to end ... but now doesn't take away from next when it's refining you for the release. Release of the version that's aligned with God's purpose. The version that's been afraid of its own anointing and authority. The version you've been holding back. But for that version to emerge forward, we must come to the end of the era of shrinking and living less than. It's time to trust what God gave us and step into our divine power. Because with every gift of goodbye, a fresh hello waits on the other side. It’s the sweet, long-awaited welcome that says, “You finally made it to who God has always called you to be.”

Message: “The End of an Era”
Speaker: Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts
Scripture: John 2:4-11 (NKJV)

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