The Point of Contact - Pastor Michael Phillips

The Point of Contact - Pastor Michael Phillips


Will you stay on assignment at the point of contact, even if the place isn't pretty? Some of us have been trying to break out of the place God has anointed us to stay in. Why? Because it’s not all about us and our preferences. 

It’s about the people we can save around us, and the generations after us who are counting on us to get it right. Your condition does not determine your conclusion. Paul realizes this in his "midnight moment" in Acts 16. 

He does his greatest work in a prison, his point of contact from God. Want your moment to meet you? Be willing to stay put in the right place. Your collision with provision is coming, but it’s an inside job. Stop wasting time trying to break out if your assignment is in! 

Message: “The Point of Contact” 
Scripture: Acts 16:1-10; 25-30 (KJV) 
Speaker: Pastor Michael Phillips  
Date: April 25, 2021

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