Carolyn Arends Premiering New Video "All Flame" On NRT 5/18


On Tuesday, May 18, will be premiering an evocative new video from Carolyn Arends for her song, “All Flame.” Offering viewers a crackling fire on a clear spring night, "All Flame" is a passionate song about the blazing love of God. 

"All Flame" features Arends's long-time duo partner, Spencer Capier, contributing mandolin lines that propel the song forward in concert with Nashville's Love Sponge String Quartet. The alchemy of the backing vocals can be attributed to the fact that they are sung by Ben and Bethany Arends, Carolyn's son and daughter.

"The song is an exploration of what might happen if we give ourselves totally over to the fire of God's love," Arends explains. "I've been fascinated for a long time by a mysterious story from the early desert fathers, where one believer invites another to stop making little religious efforts and instead become 'all flame.' This song is an attempt to explore what becoming 'all flame' might actually mean."

"All Flame" can be heard wherever you listen to music online. It comes from the new full-length project, RECOGNITION. While singles from RECOGNITION are being released one at a time to streaming platforms, the full project is available at, Bandcamp, and The Rabbit Room.

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