Music: Lizzy ikeh - Winning Everyday


Ehigie Elizabeth is popularly known as lizzy ikeh. A gospel singer who inspires people with her songs. Her aim is to deliver Gods word through songs to the world. Her latest song Winning Everyday is a song that shows the winning nature of God in relation to man. 

Winning Everyday is powerful praise song that will bless the lives of her listeners and reveal the winning nature of God.

Father u’ve won
And you will always win o
For u are a winner
So am a winner everyday eh
Father u’ ve won o
And you ll always win ooo
For u are a winner so I am winning everyday eh

Winning everyday
I am winning everyday eh
Cos am meant for signs and wonders
I can never be defeated
As long as am in Christ o
Now am going forward
Forward Forward Ever
Now am going higher

Now am shinning brighter
Am getting getting better
Lord u paid o
You paid the debt o
The one u did not owe
U did it just for me eee
Though u wore the crown of crown of sorrow
And drank the bitter wine
You bled and died for me
Yet u rose in victory

Abba u won
Father you won
My lord you won o
And you will always win ooo
Now I am winning everyday 2*
I am winning everyday ooo hallelujah
Jesus won the victory at the cross for us o

So we are winning all the time in our lives
So we can’t be defeated no no no by the devil
My worship is my weapon
This is how I win my battle
Jesus won the victory
So we go dey praise our God o
We dey win every morning
We dey win every night

In our job greater promotion
In our lives achievement yakpa
We dey dance as a winner man
We dey win with his strategies
Everyday am a winner man every time am a winner man
In your job you are winning
In your business you are winning

In your marriage you are winning
In the name of Jesus winning
We are programmed for success
In the name of Jesus winning
We have joy overloaded in the name of Jesus winning
We are winning
We are winning
Everybody’s winning
We are winning

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