(Trending Video) STREET FIX by Eni-Itan

(Trending Video) STREET FIX by Eni-Itan

We appeal to all fathers and mothers  to reach back to thier children in thier previous relationships, marriages so as to live thier legacy and transform them to better citizens for the society. We can do  our own part while Government does that.  

Our "mother and child" street fix family fair comes up December ,it is a platform to reach out to so many.

ENI-ITAN MEDIA AND CONSULTANCY is an impact driven media movement, whose main course is to imbibe in growing children, women and youths the need to see as world changers, and to equip them with the skills and tools to conquer the world.

According to the founder and CEO, Enitan, she said” “It’s a mandate from God to all successful individuals in all fields of work to return to the universe towards healing it’s habitants”

She also said this, “God is here! For all who has an interest to live peacefully and in good health heed to the voice of the living God and universe.”

“This seeks for partnerships of the chosen ones ordained to take humanity to the golden age as they are all bestowed with God’s souvenirs which all human don’t have control over!”

Some of the crew visited the executive chairman of ifako ijaye where the project originates, unveiling God’s mandate in project and being one of the few chosen (ENI-iTAN) towards project.

All hands on deck in making them see the essence of appreciating existence while making impact towards their fellow homes and environments, streets and individuals.

We project the unfulfilled dreams, of these groups, by creating opportunities for self fulfilment.

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