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We’ve all waited for a lot of things in the past but nothing compares to the wait for CalledOut Music’s highly anticipated album. My Beautiful Reality (MBR), the album, is indeed a beauty! Listening to each track, you hear the maturity of sounds he’s explored over the years. He invites longtime friends – Guvna B, Samm Henshaw, IMRSQD, StillShadey, Zo Chilengwe along for the ride including other budding newcomers such as RORE who released her first single last month.

According to Samuel, “Since I decided to accept the direction that God wanted me to go over 5 years ago, it has been a roller coaster ride full of steep drops and high climbs, happy crescendos and worrying troughs that got me shook. Until now, there hasn’t been a lack-luster moment. When I quit my well paying job to face music full time, I didn’t quite realize how tough it would be. It’s a miracle that I’m still doing CalledOut Music with a smile on my face – I remain super grateful.”

With each song blending seamlessly into the next, listeners are taken on a journey of life, trials, faith and what it means to be unconditionally loved by an ever-present Father. From the first track which features his father, to a track that his tribe demanded after its live performance in the USA, to his spin on classic songs, there is indeed a song for every believer no matter the stage you are at in your Christian walk.

With sounds and genre blends that feel like a cool summer breeze, COM comes up with something pretty distinctive on MBR.

When asked about the significance of this album, CalledOut says “ ‘My Beautiful Reality’ represents my journey to date. My music has gone through seasons which have culminated in the Reality that no matter what I go through, He will always be there for me. That’s what I wish to share with this album – the fact that God, even in the noise and silence, the highs and lows; will always be there. It’s a realization that I’m glad to have landed softly and confidently into. I pray that everyone that listens falls in love with Jesus all over again, not just because of what He can give but because of who He is.”

With 11 breath-taking tracks, CalledOut Music highlights the life experiences that have pointed him to the beautiful reality that God is ever-present.  At times devastatingly heartfelt and heavy, and in other places unbelievably refreshing and light, the stellar album is now available on digital platforms;

Listen to “Provider” below;


1. Isaiah’s Message
2. Hold on Me
3. Walk with Me (Ft Samm Henshaw & IMRSQD)
4. Come and See (Interlude)
5. Say So
6. Trust In You (Ft Guvna B)
7. Provider
8. Lifetime (Ft RORE)
9. Say That I Love You
10. Better (Ft Still Shadey)
11.  Middle (Ft Zo Chilengwe)

Album Design/Creative Team:  JaBrand Design, Sarah Sarks, Salima Kamara

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