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Dsoulnourishers music team releases their long awaiting spirit-filled song titled CHANNELS

The song titled “Channel” is really a heart cry to the abba’s need in this dispensation. The soulful song starts with the eccentric and soul-touching relation to the fulfillment of abbas promise in Joel 2:28 (And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams).

About Dsoulnourishers
Dsoulnourishers is a musical team with the ministry of nourishing souls spearheaded by a couple Uchenna James and Amara James.

This combo gives us the combination of a prolific songwriter, arranger composer, and combination with the vocal priest (Amara James) who happens to be the lead vocalist. 
The duo also organizes a spiritual fellowship tagged the abba’s lounge. And signed under grand excellence music.
Stream on Audiomack;
Also Available on DIGITAL STORES
Producer:  Roland d producer

Lyrics – Channels | Dsoulnourishers


I See The Spirit Of Yahweh In The Atmosphere
I See The Spirit Of Yeshua , Making Blind Eyes See
I See His Favour And Mercy Turning Lifes Around
Oh Oh Oh , Its Working For My Good’’’’

Channels Are Opened
Systems Are Responding
Victory Is Won
Victory Is Won

The Cry

Sons And Daughters
The Prophets Have Prophesied
Jesus Paid The Price
It's Time To Arise

Lyrical Chants
Twitter: @Dsoulnourishers
TikTok: @Dsoulnourishers
YouTube Channel: @Dsoulnourishers://fanlink.to/Channels-Dsoulnourishershttps://fanlink.to/Channels-Dsoulnourishers

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