UK based Nigerian gospel sensation and member of the famous gospel music group, MIDNIGHT CREW, Odunayo Ojo-Onasanya releases a spirit filled album, titled GOD.

She shared these inspirational words behind the album release.

"All my life, I have wondered about who you are and the works of your hands.

How can hair grow on my head without a “hair-tank” under my skull?
How can nails grow on my hand and toes without a nail dispenser?
How no one can describe you, yet we see you in all things?

You are revealed to each and every one of us in different ways and dimensions..
You do what you like, when  you like, however you like it...
No one can question you

You save and deliver
You are merciful and gracious
Yet you are a consuming fire
Your love runs to the ends of the earth, yet your anger no one can stand.

There are bigger and better people in this world, yet you came to me.
You love me even when I doubt your existence
You purge my mind of religion and help me know you for who you are.

I know you
I see you
I feel you
You are GOD
Not only are you my GOD
You are GOD
GOD of all
GOD all the time
GOD in heaven, on earth, and underneath the earth
You will continue to be GOD with or without me"
Album Available on DIGITAL STORES

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