About The Founder (KgospelMusic)

Bamidele Emmanuel Kehinde widely referred to as KgospelMusic. A follower of God who is motivated in kingdom advancement. He is also one of Nigeria's rapidly emerging gospel bloggers, and he has a wide range of IT expertise.

He was born into the family of Bamidele, as a son with his parents in Alimosho Local Government of Lagos state Nigeria.

He graduated from the (KCI) Kreative Computer Institute in 2014 with a diploma certificate in data processing, graphic design, and web design. 
He also graduated from the The Polytechnic Ibadan Oyo State in 2021 with certificate in Business Administration Management.
He's the owner of kgospelmusic.com, kgospel.com.ng, & Kgospelradio... the main skillet global 24/7 Non-stop internet radio and is dedicated to broadcasting pure urban / contemporary gospel content round the clock to show up at the world with inspiring news, music and messages


He began his career as a music blogger on March 22, 2016, but he didn't formally debut his music website until March 22, 2017. He has since continued to be active in the industry and has had a number of notable successes.

On March 18, 2017, he performed at his first tryout concert at Lagos Ikeja presented by successful businessman "Kelvin Smith," a presenter for international business news, music, and entertainment, as well as a 2018 Award winner for GMA. 

The latest concert he attend was at Ikeja where he met some top-ranking Gospel artists... Mike Abdul, Onos Ariyo, Nathaniel Bassey, Steve Crown, Victoria Orenze, Frank Edward, Jeremiah Oloniyo, and many more artists.


He had risen to the management of the most well-known website in less than 10 months.

He has worked with some top-notch brands: PolongoTv, Valued Unlimited Company (UK), PolonoRadio, Nugalink Tech, and SeunoladeleMusic.

In Nigeria, he has also been named the greatest Gospel web promoter since the launch of his site.

Emmanuel Kehinde (KgospelMusic) complete his professional training course in website development and digital marking skills in 2021–2022, earning a certificate that distinguishes him as an exceptional technologist.

Introducing The Blogging Rave Of The Moment. Bamidele Emmanuel Kehinde (Kgospelmusic)


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