Kevin Lemons And Higher Calling's Freshman Album - Destined For Greatness

Kevin Lemons And Higher Calling's Freshman Album - Destined For Greatness

Brooklyn, NY – July 28, 2023 – The coveted freshman album from celebrated choir Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling, is now available as a digital release from HezHouse Entertainment.

“It is an honor to have this body of work finally available to our longtime fans, and fans of Gospel music overall. We regularly get questions about the availability of this album. People play the music in bits and pieces through YouTube performances of different songs. Now they can have it cohesively in their collections and on their playlists,” says Tiunna Lemons, who was an integral part of this recording.

“As our first album, Kevin wanted to be sure that Destined for Greatness set the standard for what Higher Calling is all about: Jesus first, faith-filled hope, impeccable musicality and a family of singers committed to our calling. A lot was on the line, but I think that we clearly let the world know that Higher Calling was here to stay. Kevin would be so excited to finally have this music available to the masses,” she says.  

Destined for Greatness features 13 full tracks that highlight the powerful vocals of Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling, while inspiring listeners to remember their God-given purpose. The title track reminds listeners that they are indeed destined for greatness. On other standout tracks such as “I Confess” and “I Speak Change,” Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling encourage listeners to declare God's word over their lives.

Hezekiah Walker says, “Destined for Greatness should be in every choir lover’s list of Top-10 albums. It was our first introduction to the gift of Kevin Lemons as a choirmaster, who brilliantly showcased the beauty of multiple voices uniting in harmony to deliver songs that soothe the soul. I’m excited to make this important part of Gospel music history available in a digital format.”

Kevin Lemons left a potent legacy in Higher Calling. That legacy is reflected on this inaugural recording that can now be experienced in digital formats.

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About Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling
Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling was founded when Kevin and a group of young singers came together for a special music event created by Kevin’s father, Wilbert Lemons. Kevin’s father was the director of the historic Atlanta Masonic Choir, which was founded by Kevin’s grandmother Annie Ruth Lemons. The group enjoyed singing together so much that they decided to stay together. Today, Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling is a 100-member ensemble with 50 Atlanta-based singers and 50 additional singers from California, Virginia, the DMV area, New York, New Orleans, Texas, North Carolina, Florida and Alabama.

About HezHouse Entertainment
HezHouse Entertainment was founded by Grammy Award winner Hezekiah Walker to keep progressive choir music alive. Hezekiah Walker is a Gospel music pioneer, and the traditional sound and energetic style of his Love Fellowship Choir has influenced a generation of great singers and ensembles. Distributed through Provident Entertainment, HezHouse Entertainment is home to Vincent Bohanan & SOV, Mark Hubbard & The Voices, Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling and Patrick Riddick & D’Vyne Worship.


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