Music: Oluwadamisi – Gbemisoke

Music Minister, Oluwadamisi has released a brand new single titled “Gbemisoke”.

Sharing the inspiration behind the song, Oluwadamisi said; “I just felt it’s time to arise and be who God has ordained me to be, Isaiah 60:1-2. Remembering the Lord’s word concerning my life.

In 2017 while doing laundry, I began to ponder on all the promises of God for my life, revelations from the word of God, the messages God has given me through my dreams, and prophesies from men of God. I began to ask God, “when will all the promises, dreams, revelations and goals he has given take place.”

Then the Lord placed the words “Gbemisoke gbemidide” onto my heart. The whole song didn’t come at first. But ever since that day I began to slowly work on the song. I didn’t take it seriously at first and for some time gave up. But my sister never gave up on me. She knows the gift and the calling of God for my life. She is my cheer leader and she continuously helps and encourages me. I took the first step and put all my faith in God and the path that he had set for me. From there, I worked daily to form the lyrics and by the grace of God Gbemisoke was created”.

“For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God”.
Romans 8:19 KJV.

“Gbemisoke” is available for download now;


Gbemisoke gbe mi dide
Fami lowo soke
Nki ga ju aye lo
Ogo aye mi
Je ko yo ja de
Fami lowo so ke
Mama je ko pe

Gbemi soke
Baba gbe mi dide x2
Nki ga ju aye lo
Ogo aye mi
Je ko yo ja de
Fami lowo so ke
Mama je ko pe

    Gb’ori mi so ke
    Alagbada Ina
    Ogbe nu wundia shola
    Oba t’o m’owo jade lati nu eja
    Se b’eyin le gbe e e Josefu dide
    Baba Fami lowo soke
    Akoko ti to
    Gbemisoke, Baba gbe mi dide
    Ki ma ba farasinuku
    Ki ma ba ku t’ogo t’ogo
    Mama je k’aye pa ina ogo mi
    Baba Fami lowo so ke
    Mama je k’ope
    Gbori mi soke
    Eleburu Ike
    Ki ma ba seru aye
    Ki ma ba s’ako Bata f’egbe
    Ogo aye mi t’aye ti sa l’ogbe
    Baba bami sa’tunse
    Akoko tito

Solo; Se’nu eranko ni won gbe o pamosi
Response: gbe ra dide
Solo: Tabi nu omi nu eja laye gbe o pamo si
Response: gbe ra dide
Solo: Se’ nu agadangodo l’aye ti o mo
Response: gbe ra dide
Ogo mi Gbe ra x2 akoko tito

Solo: Ogo aye mi
Response: gbe ra dide
Solo: Ogo ise mi
Response: gbe ra dide
Solo: Ogo ipe mi o
Response: gbe ra dide
Gbera gbera Akoko ti to

Ogo aye mi
Ogo ipe mi
Ogo ise mi

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