Stephen Christian Takes Indefinite Hiatus from Touring with Anberlin

Recently, rock band Aberlin announced that their lead singer, Stephen Christian, will be taking an indefinite hiatus from touring with the band. In a video on social media, the band revealed that they could only think of one person to fill in for Stephen: Matty Mullins. Matty Mullins will be Anberlin's new touring singer during Stephen's indefinite hiatus.

"After being in this band for 20 years, we've really noticed that the only constant is change," Anberlin posted. "There's so many different eras of Anberlin, from ending in 2014 to coming back in 2019. And this is no different. In 2024, Stephen will no longer be touring with Anberlin--indefinitely. He's not out of the band. He's not quitting. He's just taking a hiatus."

Beginning in 2024, Matty Mullins will be Anberlin's lead singer on tour. For more information and to watch the announcement video, click here.

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