Music: Exceeding Joy – Bella Praise

Bella praise is a gospel minister who hails from the littoral region of Cameroon. Born on June 1st, Bella praise is the last child from a family of seven from both parents. Bella Praise grew up from a Catholic background who later on changed to a Pentecostal background, where she started singing in the church choir. Bella praise is a member of omega fire ministries and a member of a music band called covenant worshippers.

Having been singing in church all along, Bella praise took it to another level when she was led by the Holy Spirit to release her first single on June 11 2023 titled Exceeding joy. In 2015,Bella praise graduated from Government Teacher’s Training College Buea and in 2019 Bella praise graduated from the university of Buea where she studied curriculum studies and teaching.

Bella Praise is passionate about music and it is not only a passion but an assignment from God to encourage and draw men back to Christ through the songs given to her by the Holy spirit.
Aside from music, Bella Praise is a business oriented lady ,and other skills like cooking and dancing.

LYRICS: Exceeding Joy by Bella Praise

Jesus has taken away
Pain, shame and sorry
And He has given us
Exceeding Joy

Jehovah has taken my pain
He has taken my Shame
He has taken my sorrow
He has given me joy( chorus)

Verse one
There was a man
Called Zechariah
There was a woman
Called Elizabeth
For so many years
They had been married
For so many years oh

They had no child
They went through pain
They went through shame
They went through sorrow but God gave them joy
I have a God who is able to bless you
I have a God oh

Who can give children
I have a God who is able to bless you
Jesus is the one oh
Who will give you Exceeding Joy
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