Humble Feet Released New Single “Quench”

“Quench,” the new single from Humble Feet’s eponymous debut album, is released today for Christian AC and Worship-formatted radio stations.
“I wrote ‘Quench’ while serving Jesus in full-time ministry in a foreign nation, a nation that is almost completely desert,” said Michael Taylor, Humble Feet’s founder and frontman. “The land is as spiritually dry as it is physically. However, a massive river flows through the middle of the country. This is the only true source of water for millions of people who call that desert home!” 
“Jesus tells us that He is the living water. However, in lands where water is in abundance, we often take for granted the life that come from fresh water. We trade it in for other things that we think will better satisfy our thirst. In the end, however, those things only lead to death,” said Taylor. “Jesus is the only source of true life! He made us for the river.” 
The “Humble Feet” 10-track album is accessible on all digital platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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