Muisic: DJ Ms. Eclectic - Love It (An Old School Ode) [feat. Chelsi Om'nira]

A person who is defined as being eclectic is one who does not follow any one system, but instead, selects and uses what are considered the best elements of all systems.  With her creative emcee stylings and new single, DJ Ms. Eclectic is bringing back the feeling you get when listening to an old school jam, while infusing new school aesthetics which ultimately generates an Eclectic Musical Experience.

Following Eclectic’s buzz-worthy 2018 Christmas single “Crimson Holiday”, she has now released her new Christian Hip Hop single, “Love It (An Old School Ode)”. The vibrant, upbeat track embodies the groove of 80s and 90s jams and summer parties that would last all night while the DJ created an electrifying uninhibited atmosphere on the dance floor.

“I love classic hip hop and the feeling that resonates while listening,” Eclectic shares.  “I wanted to infuse old school with a little new school while not losing the essence of the message of the song, which is to dance.  And YES, Christians jam too!  I grew up as a church kid, and this song makes you reminisce on that 90s church choir vibe. It’s ok to get up and dance when you think of God’s goodness. Get lost in the moment. Get lost in praise!”

“Love It (An Old School Ode)” is available on all digital and streaming music outlets now.  The single is produced by the incomparable Tone Jonez and features vocals by the phenomenal Opera and Jazz singer Chelsi Om’nira.  It’s the perfect addition to your gospel skate, youth party, workout session or personal jam playlist.

Eclectic has also been added to the New Praise Radio lineup.  Her new show THE TRAFFIC JAM MIXDOWN can be heard every Friday at 5:20PM Eastern on  Playing the best in gospel music, Eclectic’s show is the perfect mix to take you home on the evening drive each Friday evening and get you set for the weekend.

With the sometimes stressful and derogatory climate of today’s times, it is essential to find a pleasant place to let go and enjoy the moment.  That feeling can resonate while listening to DJ Ms. Eclectic – that’s The Eclectic Musical Experience!

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