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The Glory is a new tune from Frank Hannah Benedicta who goes by the Stage name Hanny B. Hanny B is from ozalla owan West local government Edo state and she is Married to Apostle Frank oseigbovo the senior pastor of city of fire miracle and deliverance ministries.

The glory is a song that portrays God as the ultimate source of power and relevance, it brings out the beauty of immortality in mortals.

Lyrics: The Glory – Hanny B

Solo: who can separate your glory?
Your glory from you.
For all that you’ve done receive all, receive all the praise.
All of my praise,
For your glory I will proclaim
For your glory I will declare
I will declare!!

Chorus: oh oh Jesus, you deserve the glory
Oh oh Jesus, receive all the glory (2).

Solo 2

you deserve the Glory.

Receive all the glory.
We declare your glory oh God
You deserve the glory
Receive all the glory
we declare your glory oh oh God


You deserve the glory.

Repeat solo 2: chorus (2)


Chorus: oh oh Jesus you deserve the glory
Oh oh Jesus receive all the glory (2)

Trumpet: instrumental

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